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It is one month. There are total 15 videos. Each video will appear in your course section after you have completed your previous videos (As far as assignments, you have to wait for next video after you complete your given assignment.).

The assignment is a test to evaluate you after completion of each block. After each block, there will be an assignment. It can be a functional assignment or just a simple test. You can proceed into course after course only when the given assignment has been completed.

Yes, After successfully completing this training program, you will get a certificate which will indicate that you have completed this course.

No. However, we offer other courses which you can enroll for life time. Our course contents are in high quality and related to IT, financing, banking, staffing etc.

Tracko Talent will deduct 15% of each payment, which freelancer receive form employer.

Please report this incident in "Delay Payment and Report Fraud" with job post ID, your user ID, screen shot of emails, and/or chats, which can show proof of assignment and incident. Tracko Talent team would definitely investigate and proceed legal acts to bring ultimate justice to both employer and freelancer.

There are many instance when freelancer bid on many project and he/she don't have the skill which is mentioned in the project. Please visit our report abuse page and send your concern on the mentioned email id.

Just for security reason, we always hold a portion of your money with us. Sometime it happens that freelancer get paid from the employer but did not complete his/her assignments.

No, Tracko Talent automatically deducts services charges from the project budget which you would pay your freelancer.

Yes, you can get receipt of your every payment, which is under your "profile => billings => payments" section.

Please report this fraud in "Report Abuse" section with valid proof.

Yes, We offer "Tracko Talent Pro" feature where we take care of our client's project, financial details and data for very nominal price. Please subscribe our "Tracko Talent Pro" feature