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Tracko Talent Enterprise combines technology with talent sourcing and compliance services. The result is work delivered to you faster and more affordably.
Support your team with direct access to developers, designers, writers, translators, analysts, and more.

Tracko Talent Enterprise helps you extend your team with direct access to millions of independent contractors, freelancers, agencies, and consultants. Freelancers are verified through work history, client feedback, skills tests, and more. Procedures use these points to identify the best performers. 

Tracko Talent Enterprise clients get access to an even smaller subset of freelancers with skills-based tests and interviews. Access your company’s private pool of contractors through your branded homepage. Then quickly post jobs to the short list of your top choices.

Once you've decided, create digital contracts; documenting rates, hours, and other terms with a few clicks. Manage your contracts and work easily through Tracko Talent. The Contract Room organizes your messages, files, payments, timesheets, and terms by project. Also, communicate with teams and stay up-to-date without cluttering your inbox, thanks to instant notifications in our in-product Tracko Talent Messages app, available on Android and iOS.

With consolidated and automated invoicing, you can save your accounting team time. Easily pay freelancers, plus enjoy features such as configurable bulk payments and recurring monthly charges. Our comprehensive compliance services classify your freelance engagements and protect you from misclassification risk.

Our legal and compliance team will decide whether each freelancer should be classified as an independent contractor or an employee.
The team works efficiently within the platform to verify classification.

For workers classified as employees, you can still work through Tracko Talent by enrolling the freelancer with one of our third-party staffing providers. This frees HR from the inconvenience and risk of payroll and benefits administration, while giving hiring managers more flexibility when working with freelancers. We’ve built an automated system to ensure freelancer contracts adhere to your company’s policies. Admins can set up requirements to complete and can easily check the status via a dashboard.

This technology incorporation significantly modernizes processing, improves onboarding completion, and provides visibility with a central source of documentation.